Our Memorial Services


Our memorial service continues to expand as advances in cutting and design techniques have broadened the possibilities memorials can offer.


It is now currently possible to depict a likeness of your loved one or of their hobbies, interests, activities or a variety of scenes.


Memorials can be manufactured in varying  styles from a number of materials. Today the preferred material is granite which stands the test of time. We can also create a memorial for your loved one from other natural materials such as Carara or Takaka marble and some other New Zealand stones that meet local cemetery bylaws.


Our experience and dedication ensures all work undertaken is of the highest quality. Most of all we will carefully produce a memorial that best presents your loved one in the most appropriate manner possible.



We Offer:


•  Personalised friendly service

•  Expert advice

•  Honesty and commitment

•  Competitive pricing

•  Extensive knowledge in the industry

•  Fully qualified tradesmen

•  Free quotes





Any request that cannot be created from our normal range of memorials, can be specifically customised to meet your wishes.




Memorial Restoration and Cleaning


In cases where memorials have deteriorated, or suffered from vandalism, we offer a full restoration and cleaning service. Our professional tradesmen can rebuild existing stonework and bring it back to its original state. They can also restore the finish of a memorial by providing moss treatment and, if needed, applications that can remove other various types of elements infecting the stonework.


Our services also extend to the restoration of inscriptions (lettering). We are able to fully clean and remove any moss, or such like elements, hindering an inscription. Then bring it back to its original splendour by restoring the colour. With our experience and professionalism we also provide the ability (one of only a few places who still do within New Zealand) to repair and restore lead lettering, a type of lettering mainly used in older memorials.






All headstones in the modern Lawn Cemeteries stand on a base which in turn stands on the concrete berm provided by the local authority.

The size of the base is usually dictated by the local council or cemetery authorities. These vary considerably from cemetery to cemetery and we can advise you of these requirements.


Most bases are made either of white plastered concrete or granite. More and more clients are choosing a matching granite base (same material and colour as headstone) but there is a large range of options available in which the colour and parts relating to the headstone can be mixed and matched.


New colours of granite are now available and are being used for headstones as well as bases. Bases usually incorporate vases for flowers. There are choices now of the colour of vases.


We are well trained in the area of fine plastering concrete bases and we guarantee satisfaction if this option is chosen. The correct location of plots, payment of permit fees and associated regulations are all dealt with by us.






We have both a flatback and free standing range that covers traditional subjects such as Mary and Child, Jesus, Kneeling Angels, Doves with numerous other options available .


Chris Mark


Artwork (Tracery)


The word "tracery" is used to describe the artistry that can be applied to a memorial. Traceries can also be coloured or kept the same colour as the inscription. Also if you have artwork of your own, we can add this to your loved ones memorial.



Among some of the more usual traceries are:


•  Book Design

•  Cross Designs

•  Angels

•  Flowers




Ceramic Photographs


Ceramic photographs are produced using a good clear studio portrait, snapshot, passport photo in either black and white or colour.


With a good original, a ceramic photograph can be made to any size through reduction or enlargement.





Etched Photographs


The ability to etch a photographic image directly on to the surface of the stone is available. A photograph, either coloured or black and white is required.Enquiries


If you would like to make an enquiry on any of the services we provide, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to answer your questions.







If you would like to make an enquiry on any of the services we provide, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to answer your questions.





"The wording and layout is perfect. This is beautiful. Thank you once again Chris for all your help."

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