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Select Memorial Type




Single Memorial Designer button
Double Memorial Designer button




1) Select memorial type (single or double).


2) Use the available drop-down selections to change the granite type, shape, pictures/photos, font style, font size and font colour.

If you wish to include a base there are also drop-down selectons available.


3) Type text into the text fields and click "add" button to apply to your design.


4) When you are happy with the design, click "SAVE" button


5) To transfer to your computer, click "Download" button.



Please note:


Use the button "Reset" to start from fresh.

To force a sentence begin on a new line type <br> at the end of the of the previous sentence.

To leave an area of text blank type <br>.

Designs are saved as images. If you wish for us to quote on a design, simply use our quotation page to upload your image.

If you have any special requirements, please feel free specify those on our quotation page.










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